Downloads and technical information

The next 4 items you will need to be able to build the yourself. For further information, please mail to :

  1. Building plan download , tif format (681kB)
    This plan is a full scale drawing, A1 dimensions. If you have problems downloading try the following; click the the hyperlink with the richt-mouse-button and choose "save taget as..." A tif-format viewer is Irfanview (350kB), which can be downloaded from
  2. Building guide download (470kB) in format.
    This guide describes how to build an . You should download the building plan and the list of required materials to built an completely yourself.
  3. 2D and 3D Drawings zipped (508kB) .
  4. Details of the 'swing rig' construction and sails or all zipped pictures download (695kB) Zip-file.
  5. Which deck cover color is available from ? Click here.
    The deck will be covered with the oracover foil. This polyester foil is strong, light, waterproof and sticked to the deck with an iron.

To be able to read a PDF-file, you need Acrobat Reader Download now if needed.

Other files to download:

    Click here to download... a AutoCAD dxf drawing of the sail plan of the .

    Click here to download... a scanned overview of the bulb ordinates.

    Click here to surf... the table of displacement for different boat weights.